what is safe size for pst of Outlook 2013 via Office 365 exchange?

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Len Raphael

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One msft tech told me my 1.9gb pst file was dangerously large. Another told me that if using Outlook 2013 as local client for Office 365 the limit is much higher. Closer to 50gb And that performance effects minimal if use the slider bar or set a synch filter.

As it turned out my performance issue when opening any public folder locally was caused by having added some public folders with subfolders to my Favorites. Not supposed to be able to do that. Deleted those and performance was fine. Weird.

Diane Poremsky

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If the data file was created in Outlook 2003 or newer, the second person was correct - only the older ANSI pst files are limited to 1.9 GB.

The actual recommended and default limit is 50 GB in 2010 and 2013 - you can raise (or lower) it using a reg key, but they highly recommend keeping it at 50 GB.
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