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Yesterday, in the middle of the day as I was working - I checked my e-mail. When I opened a new message from a customer, the font was so small I could barely read it. I didn't change anything/update anything/or DO ANYTHING! It changed on it's own. I thought maybe it was just the 1 customers e-mail...but went back and opened e-mails I had previously opened, and the same thing happened there. It hasn't done it to every e-mail, just some. It's weird and annoying. I don't understand how it can just change all on it's own. Help! it's driving me crazy!!!
Could it be zoom settings? Especially if the affected messages are plain text. Open one and click the zoom button on the ribbon. Is it at 100%

Another cause is a change in the default font in File, Options, Stationery & Fonts, but the zoom setting is most common and very easy to do (hold ctrl and roll the mouse wheel.)
Zoom is at 100%. Everything in the Stationary & fonts section looks normal.
What antivirus software do you use? I know mcafee can mess up mail, but it usually affects some lines in a message but not others - the message looks like a ransom note made from a newspaper.

Are the affected message plain text or html?
I am using McAfee, but mine doesn't look like a ransom note..

i tried to attach an image of what it looks like but i can't seem to figure out how...
[DOUBLEPOST=1430423826][/DOUBLEPOST]here it is!


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That looks pretty normal. Is only mail from certain m people affected? If so it could be something on their side chan ging the font.
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