Point Size for Fonts in Custom Font Style (Outlook 2013)

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Dear Diane

In an earlier thread on the fonts topic you correctly explained that the only functional permanent way to change the default heading and body fonts is along the route: New Email/ click in e-mail body/ Format Text/ Change Styles/ Fonts/... From this point you either choose one of the available styles or go to "Customize Fonts" where you can choose your own font style(s). However, there is no option for changing the font size and this remains fixed at 11 pts.

Is it possible, maybe in the Registry, to change the default font size to something else than 11 pts? I am aware of all the other ways that one can change the font size in Outlook, but I am specifically referring to the above method where you create a custom font style. None of the other methods stick permanently for new e-mail, replies, and forwards.


David Samuel
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