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I have an Outlook 2013 issue, which I see others have had, whereby one of the folders of my IMAP account is showing every message as 0Kb in size and failing to show whether there is an attachment. The mails in this folder are placed there by a rule on receipt.

I have Outlook 2013 installed on 3 PCs (2 windows 7 and 1 windows 8.1) and this is only an issue on one of the windows 7 machines. I have seen others suggest creating a new profile to see if that cures the problem, and sure enough it does, but what does that prove?

I have about 10 accounts (only one IMAP) in my profile with numerous rules and I do not want to have to recreate that all in a new profile to 'fix' this issue. What I would like to be able to do is something to fix the issue in the profile that I am already using. Any ideas?

Many thanks in anticipation.
This happens when the message is corrupt in the folder. It often indicates the message did not upload. Try using a rule that copies then deletes the message. Does the message size update if you add a category to the messages that are 0 kb?
This happens when the message is corrupt in the folder. It often indicates the message did not upload. Try using a rule that copies then deletes the message. Does the message size update if you add a category to the messages that are 0 kb?


As you have pointed out the difference between the installation of Outlook that is having the 0KB issue is that it is this instance that has the rule to move the message to the folder. The other installed instances of Outlook that do report the email size correctly are simply dumb clients that just read the messages that have already been moved. I guess that is why when I created a new profile for this account, it too showed the email sizes correctly. I didn't go as far as creating a rule in the new profile and sending a test message.

I have tried changing the rule to copy emails to the sub folder and then delete the original, but that is still showing as 0KB for both the copied email and the deleted original. I tried also getting the rule to add a category, but that made no difference.

As for adding a category to a message that has already been moved - this does not seem to be an option for IMAP messages. The 'tag' option to categorize disappears in the IMAP folders and is only available for the POP accounts. Is this correct behaviour?

Thanks for your time
Diane, I too have this issue which did not occur when I first installed Outlook 2013. I have an IMAP email account and moving a mail from the inbox to another folder results in a zero size mail - even though I can still read the mail. And if I move it back to the inbox it stays as zero. What do you recommend ? Thanks

Our problems are similar but not the same. My emails only show as 0KB when they have been moved by rules, if I manually move them there is no issue. I have found that I can 'fix' the listed emails by unsubscribing the folder and then re-subscribing, but then all subsequent emails moved by my rule are still shown as 0KB so it is not a true fix for the problem.
Manually, rules, whatever. I'm getting 0kb size on many messages and no clip to show there is an attachment. The official thread reporting this goes back over a year - with one reply from MSFT to say it's 'BY DESIGN'.

For a world-class email client, it's not positive that this has not been addressed.
I have found that the mails showing as okb in my desktop do have the correct size in webmail so the message does exist at least ! If I delete the desktop .ost and allow it to rebuild from the webserver then it does build with the true size - but why doesnt Microsoft do that anyway ?
I have no attachment clip icon and zero message size in the sent folder for many messages. Nothing has been able to correct this problem.

If I go to my iPad (iOS 9) and move the message from Sent to Inbox, then when I look in Outlook 2013 the attachment clip icon is present and the message size is non-zero.

Going back to Outlook then, I move the message from the Inbox to the Sent folder; the attachment clip icon and the non-zero file size then DO appear in the Sent folder.

This is not a work-around, but merely evidence that the data is all there and this should be able to be fixed. Whis is this not being addressed in over two years?
Were these messages you imported into Outlook? We've seen the 0KB messages frequently if moving messages into the folders to upload to the server. If the messages are ok on the server, you can delete the imap ost and let outlook recreate it and rexync it. The easiest way to check this is probably to add the account to the profile a second time and let it sync then compare the folders.
Same issue.
I would add that I can sort the messages by size and each email sorts where it should -- not all the 0-kb's at the top. So Outlook knows the size. Even tried adding the column "Server Size" ... it shows identical 0 kb >> HOWEVER, sorting by Server Size did result in all the "0"-s grouping at top.
If you open the message does it show the correct size? Are the 0kb messages synced to the server? If there are definitely online, you can close outlook and delete the ost - if you have calendar and contacts in folders labels 'this computer only' export them before removing the ost.
What you need to know about IMAP Accounts in Outlook 2013/2016
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