Excel 2010 can't open .xlsx files

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I've upgrade office 2007 to office 2010

After the upgrade i am unable to open any .xlsx files using excel

I have a number of .xlsx files on my desktop and windows doesn't know which program to use to open them. If i open excel first and go to open and then point to the files, they open fine, just not when i double click on the files directly.

If i create and save a new excel spreadsheet in the default settings as .xlsx it saves it fine but then doesn't know which program to open it in.

This is only happening in Excel, Word files are fine.

I'm using Windows 7


Diane Poremsky

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If only one file type (extension) is affected: Right click on an Excel file on your hard drive and choose open with.... at the bottom of the dialog then check the box to always open with selected program and choose excel.

If all excel extensions are affected: go to control panel, find default programs. Choose the top entry and find excel on the left.. click the button at the bottom to set all defaults to excel.
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