Error Messages when exporting Outlook 2010 Contacts to a CSV (DOS) or Excel

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I just upgraded my computer to run MS Office 2010 Pro from Office XP, SP3. I run XP SP3. I had trouble with my Outlook 2002 XP at the holidays trying to export contacts to either a CVS file or Excel files. Now, I'm trying to find an elegant way to get my contacts in a format to export to Yahoo for my mobile mail application since Yahoo sync does not seem to work. I also would like to be able to export my contacts in these formats for other applications since Outlook is where and how I have my contacts up to date. Everytime I try, I get this error message:

"A file error has occurred in the translator while trying to establish a field map.

You do not have permission for the file "C:\Documents and Settings\my name\Application Data\Comma Separated Values (DOS).ADR." This could be because the disk is locked, the file is read-only, in use by another program, or because you do not have permission to use a network path."

I have an individual computer in a home-based business and it is not networked. Prior to migrating to a new cell phone, I synced Outlook with a Tungsten E2. That pathway is now unavailable due to conduit issues (which I think are coming from RAZR-related Motocast or a Verizon MCast Media that I installed and uninstalled.) I want to fix the issue so I can migrate from the Palm to the phone.

Can anyone offer advice? I tried one solution today to change some settings per a post about Outlook 2003 and 2010 about installing filters but it did not work with the 2010 settings.

Thanks for any insights.

Cathy Rhone

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Re: Error Messages when exporting Outlook 2010 Contacts to a CSV (DOS) or Exce

Did you verify the export filters were installed? Go to Add/Remove programs and select the office install then choose the option to change - then choose the option to add or remove features. Expand Outlook section - is importers and exporters all installed? I thought they were all installed by default -so if they are installed, do a repair install.
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