Links in email getting error message about group policy

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I updated win10 yesterday Today I get this message whenever clicking on a link in email :

links not working.PNG

I haven't changed any settings. the default browser, http, and https defaults all point to browser (vivaldi).
web search hasn't provided any current solutions.
anyone have an idea of what broke?
I have tried changing default browser to Edge. same error.

and, in registry, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \.html default is set to htmlfile
That... and some other keys usually fixes it. did you do all the extension?
  1. Repeat for the .htm, shtml, .xht, .xhtml, .xhtm keys

I have other causes in this article -

all keys:default set to htmlfile. except shtm key was not to be found, I created it and set the default to htmlfile. didn't fix it.

i had not uninstalled firefox or chrome browser over last day. as for part two of the linked article: it mentions a possible corrupt reg key, but no mention of how to tell or what to do if it is.

also, internet properties:advanced does not have a 'reset internet explorer' button.

in default programs, there is no option to set IE as default browser. I had tried setting edge as default, it still failed.

and then I installed fix for corrupt reg key. downloaded and ran restictions win-10.reg. reopened outlook and problem gone!

should I delete the shtm key that I created? or leave it there.

thanks for the help. If i hadn't heard from you I was going to restore image from before updating system and go throuth the whole process again.
should I delete the shtm key that I created? or leave it there.
Since it didn't exist, you never use pages with that extension, so you can delete it - but its also not doing any harm. Basically, whatever you want to do. :)

If you are using windows 10/11 some of the IE stuff soesn't apply - I need to update the article.
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