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I want to narrow the column width of the To Do Bar, which appears to the right of my reading pane, but it's only letting me narrow it so far. It was the size I wanted but when I docked my laptop and used my monitors at the office, it expanded the width a bit and now it won't let me go back. I've read there's a minimum column width now within Outlook. However, I can make the width of my Folder Pane more narrow than the width of my To-Do Bar, which doesn't make sense.

I'm guessing there's no fix but wanted to ask in case I'm missing something.
The to-do bar has a minimum width - try pulling it to the right slightly a few times - it will probably pop in an out but should eventually get to about the size of this screenshot -

You could try closing outlook, deleting the PinBoxWidth value from the following key then restating outlook -


On my computer - this is the smallest -

And as an FYI, as I was monitoring to see which key was used for the width, pulling to the left a bit snapped it back to the small size. I'm of the opinion that adjusting the pane widths is goofy - and i'm proven right every time. <g>
It won't let me pull it any further to the right. How do you get it to pop in and out? I think that's what happened at the office yesterday but I don't know how it happened.

Here's a screen shot from my laptop:

It's easier to record what I mean - its behavior I see on all of the panels.
It's easier to record what I mean - its behavior I see on all of the panels.

Thank you for taking the time to make that video. I think the "popping out" is what inadvertently happened to make it a bit wider. I've tried to duplicate on my laptop but I've been unsuccessful with just my finger. I'll have to wait until I get back to the office to dock and use my mouse. I just started a new job and I'm primarily working from home but I don't have my new monitors, mouse/keyboard and docking station yet.
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