Outlook 2010 Inbox sort FROM column not working

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I'm having sort issue for the FROM and SUBJECT columns my INBOX folder in Outlook for my email. When I click on SUBJECT or FROM column, it won't sort accordingly. I even go to VIEW/View settings and sort by FROM ascending or descending, it still won't work. I treid to right click on the columns and select " Arrange by" FROM and it still won't do anything. I tried to remove the FROM column and add i again, but that still doesn't. I tried rebuild MS OFFICE and that didn't resolve it. I'm able to sort any columns in all the other folders including my INBOX folder under Archive folder. I command for that sort for FROM in my INBOX must have MIA somewhere. I like to find an answer to it instead of doing a clean reinstall of Office again. It's the 3rd time I reinstall this thing. I hate OFFICE 2010! Any help or suggestion would be awesome.

Peter McKay

I have the same problem - /CleanViews did clean the views, but didn't fix the problem. I still can't Arrange my inbox by FROM or SUBJECT.


Felipe Benza

Open Windows' Run window and type OUTLOOK /RESETNAVPANE. Does the error persist?


I have the same problem, it neither works for the From or the Subject Column. Any urgent help is highly appreciated.

Natasha Dsouza

Try to launch Outlook 2010 in safe mode and check if the issue occurs.

1) Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run

2) Copy and paste the content below and press Enter:
Outlook /safe

If you"re able to work with Outlook in safe mode, then follow the steps below to disable add-ins.

1) Click File menu, click Options > Add-in, click Go button in the Manage: Com add-in.

2) Check if there is any add-in, clear the checkbox to disable it.

TJ in VA

I had the same problem using Outlook 2010 with Exchange in cached mode. I was finally able to resolve the problem by deleting my .ost file. Since .ost files are only for cached Exchange mailboxes you can delete without any worries. Note: You will have to close Outlook to delete your .ost file.

Default file location is: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\

I have fixed this issue two different times by simply deleting my .ost and and letting it rebuild.
- TJ

Nexxt Level Consulting

Windows 7 Pro 32 bit, Outlook 2010.

I have the same problem. I am using POP and have a PST.

Sorts that work in inbox: Importance, Reminder, Attachments, Sent, Received, Size, Categories, Flag Status

Sorts that don't work in inbox: From, Subject, Icon, To, CC (These seem to all be message header related)

In addition to all suggestions above, I also tried: repairing with scanpst, moving messages to new PST.

I have archived email until I get Inbox down to about 550 messages. All sorting works fine. It worked fine for a few days. My message got above 580 and it stopped working. I archived a few days worth. Messages are now at 563 and all works fine. I tried copying 10 emails back to Inbox for a total of 573 and sorting does not work.

Hopefully the additional info will help get this resolved.


Same problem here -- just started this morning. POP-3 PST. I had installed Google Apps Sync (and uninstalled) and later OggSync. After an issue with Outlook not starting, I restored to an earlier System Restore point. Now, Outlook runs fine, except like everyone else I cannot sort by FROM or SUBJECT. Date works fine. Clicking on FROM or SUBJECT gives an orange pulsing bar indicating that it is sorting or searching, but it never completes.

I have tried the /cleanviews setting as well as the /safe switch and neither has had any effect. Smaller folders in the same PST work fine.

I took half of the messages in my main Inbox and put them in a new folder. This did not fix the problem, but interestingly enough, the new " Archive" folder has similar but different problems. With it, I can sort by FROM and SUBJECT in one direction (Ascending), but not in the other.

The ability to sort is quite critical, especially on larger folders.

I have another, even larger, PST file (IMAP) and it is working fine. Other PSTs are working as well, so it is not an overall Outlook issue, but one specific to my main PST. I have not tried a PST repair yet, but I may, although Nexxt tried with no success.



UPDATE: I noticed after my system restore that the Google Apps Sync was back. After uninstalling it, my Outlook would not start. The suggested fix for this (A Google Apps Sync issue) is to delete the Outlook profile and let it create a new one (which must be done in Safe Mode with the Google Apps Sync issue).

In any case, after creating the new Outlook profile, and linking it to my " problem" PST, the issue was solved. My sorting is fine.

So, my suggestion is to try just creating a new Outlook profile (you probably don't need to delete the old one until you test). Worked for me.



This issue could be related to a thread I picked up on with regards to Google Apps. A Google Sync release to support Office 2010 issues will come at the end of September. Specifically, Google Sync does not support 64 bit Windows 7 either. So all the people I have in my company on Google Apps have this issue. I word from the experienced: Avoid Google Sync like the plague. If you are running Exchange DON'T switch over to Google Sync, stay put. Google Sync/GMail is at least year away from even thinking about competing with Exchange.


Here is a screenshot of a successful install of them all...it's been this way for months now...if you have issues, you should look at the Google help forums.

Link to screenshot of Windows 7 - 64 bit, Outlook 2010, and Google Apps Sync

Lee Wilson 2

I am having the same issue with a user here. Tried all of the attempts above. The new profile worked at first, then an hour later it stopped sorting by from, or subject. Windows vista 32bit outlook 2010

Lee Wilson 2

We just tried cleanviews again, after a compact of the data file. So far so good.


Hi All,

MY problem got resolved once i did clean uninstall of all the Google Desktop Search and Google Apps Synch. My sorting is working fine now... I got the hint to my answer from this Forum so I owe it to post my resolved query here with all of you guy's help.

All the best.
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