Outlook 2010 Flag blocked for Safe Senders List????

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First let me say that I am on a loaner PC and this has never happened to me before so I'm thinking some (bizarre) setting got changed during the set up on the temporary PC.

I am in Contact record and I go to add a Flag to it and it says it's 'hidden text' and I get 3 choices, one of which is to add to the Safe Senders List. I always say yes since I'm the only one using this machine and this Outlook but I have no idea who I am supposedly adding to the safe senders list. I am not sending an email or receiving one. I am adding a flag reminder on this record for my task list from the Contact record. This is so bizarre to me.

Any recommendations. I've done a cursory check on my security settings but nothing is jumping out at me.
Had to take screen clippings in Word and then make a screenshot of that. The first one is what I get when I open it - this is a contact record! And then the second one is what I get when I click on it. So far I can't determine a pattern. It doesn't always happen. I will set it and it's fine upon reopening. But maybe the next day or after shutting down or I just don't know. I can't say when it starts showing up.
Oh- really important to note. Clicking on 'Unblock flat text' does absolutely nothing that I can tell. Only adding to safe senders does something.
And just to repeat what I might have shared before, the ironic thing is nothing IS hidden so I don't even know what it is talking about. The flag is working everywhere. It's reminding me, it's listed where it should be. So far this is the only place where I see this. And to boot, this contact record doesn't even have an email address in it so exactly what I would be adding to a 'safe senders list' is beyond me. It's just 'should you ever get an email for this contact and wish to email him in the future, you'll be able to receive his replies'. Crazy. Maybe I'll see if this only shows up when the email address is missing. Maybe there's a pattern there. I'll try that (although I have little hope for that but I can't guarantee 100% that it hasn't happened on those with emails.) ...Nope, already too late. Just found one with an email with whom I have had correspondence with the same warning on it. Bonkers.

Screenshot (16).png
OK, just Googled it verbatim and found this.
Blocked Follow Up text - MSOutlook.info

Still trying to decipher it.
Mainly because this is NOT on emails I am receiving. In fact it's not on emails at all.
It's on flags that "I" am flagging.
So I guess Outlook it just blocking them all, well, sort of. It's not blocked at first. Like I said before, I can't tell at what point the flag gets like this. Blocking macros and such in the flags I guess it good. So I guess it can't tell the dif between the ones I add on and those I receive. Tad bizarre to be blocking stuff that is NOT coming IN from outside.
The flag is follow up so it should show since its one of the default options.
This is in a pop account correct? I'll see if ic an repro.
Is pop account. I think it must be from an update cause never saw this before.
I think it's a security thing -a security hole of some kind where anything other than default phrase is blocked. Some hacker must have found a vulnerability. So if that is the case, then I am thankful. I just hate adding all these people I hardly know to the safe sender's list just to add my own text to a flag. Follow up isn't helpful to me. If I can write what I need in the flag text it saves me from having to make a separate note in the note pad for each thing. I am following up with several dozen people for a project. I've been trying to see if I can edit the 'default text' list to put in the ones I prefer. None of what is there is of use to me. They make sense but I prefer a couple of my own. If you know of any way to edit those defaults, I'm all ears.Bottom like not a biggie. Just weird, as a user who doesn't know the back side of Outlook, that it's on contact records. I could see if I were flagging emails but I'm flagging contact records but I the same thing that lets me write in my own text must let some hacker put in something dangerous I guess.
I thought I was losing my mind.
Now I see this is REALLY a problem - like MAJOR.
First off, when I add them to safe senders list it doesn't stick. The next time I edit the Flag content, it will ask me again next time I open it to save it to Safe Senders list again.

And what is FAR worse than that and where I thought I was losing my mind and this has just about RUINED my last 3 months of this project is that when I add stuff to the notepad and then, before saving, click on the 'add to safe senders list' above it deleted whatever I just added to the notepad. I've lost hundreds of edits. I kept thinking I had already called these people and added a note and was losing my mind that there wasn't anything written. This is AWFUL

So now - NO using the text option of the Flag - just use the 'follow up' or one of the other defaults! That Flag thing is really a messed up option!
i cant repro it in 2016 - will try on 2010.
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