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After the recent UI refresh, the Outlook search bar has been moved to the very top of the screen, above the menu bar and into the banner area.
I'm baffled as to the reason for this as it occupies an unorthodox position that you might otherwise only access to move or resize the window.

It is a reach to access and far from your working areas where both your navigation and vision are focused. I also noticed that oddly, mouse copy/paste no longer work in the search bar.

Does anyone else find this a cumbersome setback?
Is there any way to reposition the search bar?
They moved it for two reasons:
1) to match the location in word and excel
2) because people complained that it wasted space in the message list, especially when the reading pane was off.

See Folder pane width change for a solution. I have 2 comments on the same page with attachments that are ready to use (after you change the file extension).

Vote against it at Search At The Top Option
Thanks Diane.
I placed my vote against and ran the batch file but don't see any difference in the search bar position?
I can't remember if you need to restart Outlook - but try that. Actually, close outlook and run the file then restart outlook.
Right, that's what I did...I can't see any difference in the UI

ScreenHunter 220.png
YES!! This change is terrible.
The UI is sloppy, and covers the ribbon when activated.

The "Suggested Searches" are useless. Same for "Suggested Actions".

The search defaults to Current Mailbox, and I don't see options for Current Folder, All Mailboxes, All outlook items etc. There is a drop-down arrow, but clicking on that does nothing currently.

Since this "update", the search bar crashes, where the space bar randomly stops inserting a space between words, instead it starts scrolling through emails in the mail folder. And, delete works the same way - instead of deleting a character typed into the search bar, emails get deleted. There's nothing like figuring that out the hard way.

Agreed that the location is now outside the work zone and is inconvenient.
Doesn't your opinion of the new Search Box position depend greatly on your settings for thee Quick Access Toolbar?

When you have the QAT positioned below the Ribbon, then the Search Box is outside the work area in the Title Bar, and its alignment, to the left edge of the message list area does look odd. (Though not as odd as the centrally positioned search boxes in Excel and Word!)

If you have the QAT above the Ribbon then it too appears in the Title Bar which then becomes part of the work area - and if the folder pane is narrower than the QAT the Search Box appears in it's (correct?) position to the top left of the message list. Only if the QAT is wider than the Folder list does the Search box position appear 'odd' as it can't then be positioned at the left edge of the message list.
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