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I have W10, Outlook 365, 64 Bit, Latest version.

Unless this is called something else that I am missing, the Navigation Pane is now located in the top left. It also has links to other Office programs that are not in the Navigation Pane options. See images below.

I used this pane often but like to have it at the bottom and cannot determine how to move it. Also, any customization I do in the options has no impact on how it is displayed nor are the Office programs listed in the Navigation pane options.

Is there another setting that I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you.

Shawn, I encountered this for the first time today today and googled my way to your question a few minutes after you asked us.

It's hard to believe Microsoft would just unilaterally change a UI component like this. But, then, I suppose this isn't the first time they've done that.

Hoping someone will have an answer.
It's hard to believe Microsoft would just unilaterally change a UI component like this

Believe it.... and they changed the shortcuts too. :(

If you turn off coming soon, it should revert to the bottom - and you can remove the apps from the visible list - right click and unpin. Also, be aware that rearranging the icons changes the Ctrl+nn shortcut - if you are in the habit of using then to switch modules, the vertical bar assigns them in order - in my screenshot, the folder list is now Ctrl+5, not Ctrl+6.


Thank you.

How do I turn off coming soon?

Looks like I can add a DWORD value in the registry.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options\General] "DisablePreviewPlace"=dword:00000001

Is there an interface option in Outlook to turn it off?

You don't have a button in the upper right?

Thanks. I do not have a button


We have this dilemma too. I tried both the GPO and the registry hack.

There is nothing in the interface that lets me move or revert that vertical button bar now.

And of course it's our CEO who gets this new feature-bug, of all people.

Anyone figure it out yet?
I had it too suddenly today. so annoying. no options, no warning. I have found a fix:
close outlook client/app.
Win+ R (the run) outlook.exe /safe
i might have done the toolbar reset (right click the ribbon, customise ribbon, then hit reset.)
(i cant remember when i did that. if it was while in safe mode.)
close outlook.
reopen, and its back to the same as yesterday!!
Safe mode has its own problems... rolling back a few builds or switching to the semi-annual update schedule might fix it. Or switch to the insider builds - I'm on Beta and have the coming soon switch.

What is your version / build #?
Are you on Windows 10 or 11?

I don't have the switch or the vertical bar on my current channel installation on windows 10. I have the "Try the new experience" switch in Word - and have it turned on.

Running W10 (updated), Outlook 365, 64 bit



I tested the key tonight - did not turn it off in outlook before setting the key. Restarted Outlook and the nav bar was still vertical. Thinking it removed the button but left it 'on', I removed the key (because the button was missing), restarted outlook so I could turn it off - and the nav bar is at the bottom.

All of my test machines either have the button or don't - and the ones that don't have the bar on the bottom.
Also - if that key really is not making a difference for you, try setting this key -

Thank you.

This key did not work:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options\General] "DisablePreviewPlace"=dword:00000001

This key did work. Navigation bar is back at the bottom and functionality as it was before using the Coming Soon
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Preferences] "EnablePreviewPlace"=dword:00000000

I still not not have the Coming Soon option. Is the registry key you provided disables that option and gets me back before I enabled coming soon.

EnablePreviewPlace will turn coming soon off or on, if outlook supports it - I tried it on my VMs where Outlook doesn't have coming soon and setting the key to 1 (to enable the vertical pane) did nothing - so outlook clearly needs to have a switch flipped before it works.
Mine finally went away, I am guessing either from the registry fix or the Group Policy change, after rebooting a couple of times.
Or... apparently, it was a mistake by microsoft and a silent update is supposed to removed.

The key should work immediately upon restarting outlook or the first reboot.
Man, 2nd time in a week I’m searching for some obscure change MS made to outlook and can’t seem to revert back. So, just heard from a client who WANTS the Navigation Pane on the left side vertically and for the life of me, nobody has a solution. I see people trying to get it to the bottom where it is by default on newer versions, but I can’t seem to find any way to get it back to the vertical, left side. Tried those reg additions enable/disable to no avail. /Safe mode, etc. nada, always on the bottom.

Is it referred to as the wunderbar ? Thought this would provide clues: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\policies\microsoft\office\16.0\outlook\options\wunderbar
wunderbar is navigation bar and its modules, not the navigation links.

The vertical bar is a new feature - enabled by the Coming soon option is Outlook 365. At this time, the coming soon is only available in the Beta or Current Channel Preview channels. No one else was supposed to have it yet... the client can enable Current Channel Preview.

This key controls it - but only if you have it available in your version of Office..
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Preferences] "EnablePreviewPlace"=dword:00000000

If your client wants to use Current Channel Preview, I have instructions here - it's the former insider slow. (I need to update the page) but the key values still work. (Now if they'd only stop changing the channel names.)

I just updated to the latest version, and I do see the coming soon option again. I 'm not enabling it since I don't know if they have resolved the navigation pane functionality.

coming soon = vertical nav bar.

If you are looking for changes to the folder name fonts and positions, coming soon has no effect.
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