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1) The shortcuts listing at the top of the folder pane has disappeared--how do I get it back?

2) The folder listing is double-spaced, so it show half as many folders as I'd like. Is this fixable?

I'm running Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 Pro x64
No matter what the source, advice I get on Office 2016 frequently tells me to click an option that I cannot find.
Clicking Folder Pane gives me a Navigation Options window listing maximum number of visible items (currently 4), Shortcuts, Mail, Calenda, People, Folders, Tasks, and Notes. Nothing on Favorites.

Is this another feature that's defeated for IMAP?
1. View tab, Folder pane button > Favorites should be checked.
2. Sounds like you have touch mode turned on. click the finger icon in the QAT or see Tip 1107: Outlook's Touch Mode - Outlook Tips
Diane, I love your knowledge but this is a problem since Outlook 2013. The folder pane spacing is almost double spaced even with touch mode turned off. I, and many others, just want to be able to glance at the folder pane see our favorites and our accounts without having to scroll all the time. Before '2013 this was not an issue.

I am an a small businessman using office365 but for the first time am seriously considering moving away form the Microsoft community. I get a newsletter several times/week about all the great new stuff in office365 but these simple fixes are ignored . Fix what needs to be fixed and don't fix what doesn't need to be fixed.
The folder pane spacing is almost double spaced even with touch mode turned off.

What zoom level are you using? You could try restarting outlook with the /resetnavpane switch but I'm not sure it will fix it (and you'll need to customize it.)

This is a comparison of regular and touch mode side by side - is the gap you see larger?
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