Outlook 2013: Permanently Unhide Scroll Bar in Folder Pane?

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This will probably be considered minor compared to the problems I see on the forum, but I've managed to solve every quirk in Office 2013 that annoys me except this one:

By default, the vertical scroll bar in the folder pane (on the left column) is hidden until a mouse pointer is placed over it. This is causing me additional, useless keystrokes. In the past, I knew exactly where the scroll bar was and could go directly to it. Now, I have to place the pointer over the entire bar and wait for the scroll bar to appear, then move to it. Once or twice is one thing, but when one has to do this all day long, it's really annoying.

Note, this has no connection to the "hardware acceleration" issue experienced by some. I suspect I'm stuck with it, but thought perhaps someone here might have a solution.

Total agree with Skates this is a harmful bug from my point of view and not something to welcome.
I see the usability is limited by the new good of “clean interface initiative”
It means the improvement is not for professionals working more ten thousands e-mails in a year but teen agers playing ten e-mail in a week.
Please eliminate these harmful restrictions against effective work and let the option live to eliminate this highly unpractical hide/unhide scroll bar there. Give back the possibility of decision!

Thank you!
We just went to Office 365 in my company. This feature is very painful. I'm sorry, but not surprised, to see that Microsoft has left this for almost 2 years with no fix.
Two things to keep in mind -

1) you don't need to grab the scroller to scroll. Click near the bottom of the bar and it'll scroll down, click near the top and it scrolls up.

2) hover over the folder names and scroll using the mouse wheel. It may not work with all mice but should work with most.
I agree 100% with szelev. This outlook 2013 vertical scrollbar is so bloody annoying and i have only been using for 3 days now. I want to permanently un-hide the damn thing, Has this changed yet??
No it hasn't changed yet. I'll remind them it sucks.
Please remind them again for me....

Just changed companies and went from Outlook 2007 (Outlook 2010 at home) to Outlook 2013 and this is a major annoyance for me as well. Please MS, show the scroll bar and leave it there, no practical purpose to auto-hide it. Reminds me of the old computer games we played where you had to try to find things. This is not a game, this is business.

Thanks, Dan

PS. Thanks Diane for all your information on here. I have found your info very helpful over the years.
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