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I'm closing some VERY old Earthlink email accounts as I no longer use them and don't want to continue paying for the service. But, I want to save all the old emails on my laptop Outlook 2013.

I've got the accounts set up (IMAP) on my laptop's Outlook 2013 (Windows 10) and it has downloaded and synced all emails and folders to the laptop. I want to know how I can close down the IMAP connection between my laptop's Outlook and the external Earthlink email so it won't sync anymore and so that when I delete the Earthlink email account my Outlook 2013 will not continue to try and find it.

Basically I'm asking, how do I delete (close down) my Earthlink account without also deleting the emails on my laptop's Outlook 2013, AND so my Outlook 2013 won't continue to look for the closed Earthlink accounts everytime it does a Send/Recieve.

I did 'unsubscribe' all the folders in Outlook, but it won't let me unsubscribe the 'Sent' folders, saying "Cannot unsubscribe from folder. 'Sent is a special folder and cannot be unsubscribed from in Outlook.". I suppose I could just move the content of my sent folder to another new folder... ? I'm not real confident the 'Unsubscribe' will keep my Outlook from syncing though, based on some discussion in other forums. But should that work I would still have my Outlook 2013 trying to find and sync with an account that is no longer out there.

Seems it should be simple but I'm not finding how to get this done!
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