outlook 2013 desktop version

  1. K

    Closing external IMAP email... Outlook 2013

    I'm closing some VERY old Earthlink email accounts as I no longer use them and don't want to continue paying for the service. But, I want to save all the old emails on my laptop Outlook 2013. I've got the accounts set up (IMAP) on my laptop's Outlook 2013 (Windows 10) and it has downloaded and...
  2. J

    Help! My contacts have disappeared.

    Hi: Sometime in 2016 my iCloud Contacts disappeared from my folder pane, as well as from the pop-up window in a new e-mail when clicking on the To field. I was still able to access it through the Address Book so I wasn't overly concerned and never found/made the time to try to figure it out...