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I am having trouble closing my Outlook(2010 program). I am having to do a force shutdown, CTRL ALT Delete, as the program does not respond when I try closing from the File-Close or even using the X on the top right hand corner of the program. I am wondering if this could be related to an software install or, a profile issue?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
It's usually the result of an addin or app that uses Outlook data file. What addins do you have installed? Any utilties that use outlook data - like sync tools or antivirus scanner that scans email ?
Would this include an upgrade to office communicator like am IM program?
possibly, but only if it is logging conversations, although i have not noticed issues with lync or communication 2007 r2. if you aren't saving conversations in outlook, it's less likely to cause issues.
I believe outlook automatically saves/logs your conversation historys. When you say addins do you mean a spyware? I really appreciate your help with this.
No, its very rarely spyware. It's always something that uses outlook data. Test it using Outlook in Safe mode and see if it works ok.

Close Outlook. Hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon to start in Safe mode.
This problem has given me some severe headaches over the last few weeks, and I have found out that the pst files need to be kept as small as possible. To add to this little problem it appears that Outlook does not like the pst files to be resident on a server, and will hang if you have your data files pointed to a share on your server. This is a big shame, as most enterprises will not cater for files on local machines, especially files that need to be backed up (understandably so).

I have got around this by ensuring the affected users pst files are on the local machine, but this does give me the problem of ensuring these users have their pst files backed up in one way or another. I amended our shut down scripts to copy the pst files to the server when the user logs off so that they are backed up daily. But, out of the dozen or so staff who use Outlook, only 2 have had this problem, and why that should be the case I really have no idea, as they were all built from the same image, and they all use the same hardware/software configurations.

So, if anyone has any bright ideas on that, it would be great to hear them. Also, if anyone knows whether MS actually have this as an issue, as I have seen this problem posted on a number of blogs, and so far, no word from silicon valley:(
network storage of pst files is not supported and can result in data loss. microsoft does not support it and we discourage its use. The problem is with network activity - outlook is very 'talkative' and if the network connectivity is lost while its talking, the data file can be corrupted.

if you are storing pst files on the network for backup purposes, use a log on script to copy the pst file before outlook opens.
also, i prefer log on scripts to log off because the pst can't be copied if outlook (or an addin) has it open. it can take up to 10 min for outlook to drop the hold (there is a key you can use to make it drop it faster)
Thanks for that Diane. Good point re logon scripts, but I needed a quick fix and it's done the trick for now, but to alleviate any future issues can you tell me the key needed so I can get Outlook dropped ASAP please? Many thanks.
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