Public FolderEmail Sort Problems Outlook 2010/Migration from 2003 SBS to 2011S

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3rd migration in 11 years (from Server NT2000, to SBS 2003, to SBS 2011); Using Exchange. With the new SBS 2011 server (software plus new hardware) purchased new workstations and went from XP SP3 to MS Office 2010, with 32 bit default install on 64 bit machines.

First 2 migrations, simple and easy; this one with MS "Gold" partner a nightmare.

Could not get our Public Folder Contacts over and functional for 6 weeks. Finally done today. (Appears to be an "issue" with server software when going from SBS 2003 to SBS 2007 or later, they say and finding with online searches).

BUT now when click on "To:" button to send an email, many of the contacts (businesses, mostly-but not all businesses) show up first in mixed order, followed by about 30 "FAX ( )" entries, then most individuals in alpha order, plus some other business listings in alpha order (this is a large contacts folder). For a while, IT company could not get entries to display in last name first order at all, as set up in 2 places under tools, finally got that working.

When click on Public Contacts Folder, all seems well--all contacts in there as before, all in correct order, all displaying last name first or as to display for businesses; but when try to send email, using word as email editor, get the scrambled mess and not the nice neat order of the actual Public Folder Contacts we had before when clicked on "To:" to send the email.

Our business depends on the Public Contacts folders we have set up, and our communication with clients. Is there someway we can easily fix this last problem in Outlook. I am not an IT person, but was pretty good with Outlook, mail merges, setting up folders, etc. before.

Re: Public FolderEmail Sort Problems Outlook 2010/Migration from 2003 SBS to 2

How many public folders with contacts are we talking about? Being the impatient type, I woud have said something a bit stronger than 'forget this' after a bit and moved them to a pst for import. <g
It sounds like the file as order is wrong or you are sorting the address book by first name last name and the names are in the wrong field. Open the address book and go to Tools menu - what is the sort order set to?

How did they move the contacts?
Re: Public FolderEmail Sort Problems Outlook 2010/Migration from 2003 SBS to 2


We have about 9 address books for different entities/companies.

Have yet to get a straight answer out of IT firm (who knows they are on edge of losing contract). I am a business owner of a highly technical firm, just not IT, but generally understand sofware issues if properly explained.
There is a lot on the web about the changes MS has made to public folders since the 2007 & subsequent versions of exchange and migration problems.

Don't understand why MS is "getting rid of public folders" per author of latest tome on SBS 2010 and 2011.

All the settings under tools, preferences, and tools, address books, have been set to last name, first name, and properties and permissions have been set for each user; contacts were set up properly in Outlook with the correct information in the proper fields and have been used extensively for the past 8 years in mail merges, group emails, etc. with no prior issues.

thank you for your assistance.
Open one of the 'bad' contacts then click the full name button. Are the names in the correct order?

As for public folders, there are manageability and other issues and Microsoft feels SharePoint is a better storage for most uses of public folders. I think contacts are better in PF, but they do work in sharepoint too and can be linked to outlook and used as address books.

Many admins lock down PF so users need to call / beg to get public folders to use for collaboration while they allow users to create sites in sharepoint - which can be automatically deleted after a period of non-use.
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