How to assign a task to a public task folder?

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i´ve created a public task folder to work with other team members. When i create a task - how can i assign the task to the public task folder?

Currently i drag and drop the task from my task list to the public list. That is irritating...

Any idea for me? Thanks in advance :)

Diane Poremsky

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Is the public folder mail-enabled? If so, you can send it to the address.
Or add the task folder to public folder favorites and create the task in the PF folder.
Or instead of Save and Close, use Move to Folder and select the correct folder. (It's on the File tab but you can customize the ribbon so its next to Save & Close).

When i tested a mail-enabled PF i got this message: This task request is addressed to more than one recipient. Your copy of this task will not be updated. I have the option to keep a copy on my task list. That shouldn't be an issue for you since you move it anyway. i noticed the due date field in the view is blank in the public folder for the assigned tasks though, which may not be desired. The due date is on the task - its just not shown in the view.
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