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Apologies in advance if this topic has been raised already. I can't find a suitable thread here to answer my question but, to avoid duplication, I will follow a link if one is available.

I've received two sets of an almost identical email in both my Compuserve and Yahoo (ie now Verizon) IMAP mail boxes in Outlook 2013 that say:
"To protect you and your data, AOL (or Yahoo) will no longer support the current sign-in functionality in your application starting on October 20, 2020. This means that you will need to take one of the steps below [link follows] to continue using your AOL (or Yahoo) Mail without interruption"
Ways to securely access Yahoo Mail | New Mail for Desktop Help - SLN27791

The problem is that the page above then says that MS Outlook does not support a new Oath2 protocol. As far as I can tell, this applies to all versions. This is the Yahoo version of the text. The Compuserve one (now AOL) has identical content:
"As of May 2020, Outlook Desktop does not yet support the Oauth2 secure sign-in method for Yahoo accounts. Yahoo members should generate and use a third-party app password to sign-in securely."

I have configured Outlook extensively over the years to run my life more or less totally so I don't want to use another email client / app. I've used these email addresses since the dawn of email so don't want to loose them but don't want to have to create a one-time password every time I fire up my PC. Additionally, I sync my Outlook calendar, contacts and (dated) tasks via Akrutosync, a third party app which uses a MS Exchange account, with my Android phone over WiFi. It all works great.

Please can you advise how I can continue to receive CompuServe and Yahoo account email in Outlook after 20 October.

Many thanks, Tim
You need to go into yahoo / aol security and create an app password.

This is the yahoo link - Yahoo - click on manage app passwords to create one. Try that in outlook. I'll have to look up the aol link. The same applies to providers that use yahoo for email, like ATT.

As far as I know, you do not need to enable 2-step authentication or the secret key or whatever they call it - you can still create an app password in yahoo and aol. At least that's how its been for the last several months.
Brilliant Diane. Thanks. Simple change. Seems to have worked ok for Yahoo :) . I'll check out the Compuserve (/AOL) equivalent. I expect it will be similar.

What a palaver. They could have explained it at bit clearer than they did.

BTW, do you recommend upgrading from Outlook 2013? It seems to work fine to me and doesn't cost me anything. I'm not inclined to fix something that's working unless there's a good reason.

Cheers, Tim
I do not recommend upgrading for the sake of upgrading. :) They no longer release updates / security patches for 2013, so there is a little worry there, but otherwise it is not an issue for many users.

If you used Office 365 Exchange or, you would need to upgrade in the near future - they are making some changes and while outlook 2007 and newer will still work with it, the service will be degraded. Even so, I figure you'd still have at least a year, especially for users.

But with pop and imap, no real rush.

At this point, I would wait to upgrade, especially if you go with the retail/perpetual version as a new one will be released in a few months.
Thanks Diane. I made the change in AOL / Compuserve and that seems to work OK as well. The real test will come on 20 October when Verizon implement Oath2. I'm hopeful every thing will be OK.

Thanks too for the info about upgrades. I avoid them if I can. I'll await news about the forthcoming retail / perpetual release you mention. I did not think such things existed any more, only the endlessly refreshing '365' format.

Cheers, Tim
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