Outlook 2010 slow with Yahoo IMAP

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Outlook 2010 64bit

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I recently setup Outlook to work with Yahoo mail and have to say I'm really disappointed. For one, it's extremely slow. I have it set to send/receive every minute and it seems as if it takes 30 seconds every time. I've changed the send/receive options to "download headers for subscribed folders" but that didn't help at all. Every time I check it's "synchronizing subscribed folders..." and it has 20 seconds remaining. Is there any way to speed this up?

Another issue I have is when I click on a message and select Delete, the message isn't deleted. I sometimes have to click delete several times before the message is deleted. I never had that issue using Yahoo webmail. What gives?

Thanks in advance.

Diane Poremsky

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First, don't set it to check mail every minute - not with POP3 and certainly not with IMAP. Use 8 -10 minutes - plus with IMAP, the folders will sync if you open them so you really don't need to check often.

If you have a lot of folders subscribed, outlook will take longer because it only checks 4 at a time (to avoid appearing to be a DoS attack on the server). If outlook is still checking mail when the next mail poll kicks in, it can stall the process.

Delete: what do you have configured for the delete folder? Typically, the message is marked for deletion and purged later but outlook 2010 adds more options for imap accounts. File, Account settings, double click on the account then more settings - deleted items tab to check.
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