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Many folks, including me, are having a major issue with Outlook 365 for the Mac and our Yahoo accounts. Yahoo emails suddenly disappear leaving empty Yahoo account folders only to all subsequently download again from the Yahoo server.. This cycle is repeated every few minutes and any changes made are often undone. When all my Yahoo downloads complete (again) I quickly take Outlook offline to get some work done. This does not happen in my Exchange account.

Many have tried fixes with no luck. This all started, for everyone, during the middle of last week. Below is a link to the MS Forum of people all describing the same problem and things tried. The common dominator seems to be Yahoo because some have said they are not on the current version of Outlook 365 for the Mac. No response from Microsoft or Yahoo so far.

I’m running the latest version of Ventura (13.3), My Mac desktop has the M1 chip, my Office for the Mac is version 16.73. Thanks.

Do you have an update available for outlook? If so, install it and see if it helps.

Other are reporting the same issue (more than just the thread you found)... but I don't know yet if it is a problem with yahoo or outlook. I'm waiting to hear back from the product team.
Diane, the only common dominator I can think of is Yahoo mail is only POP3 (correct me of I am wrong). Me thinks either Yahoo, or more likely Outlook 365 for the Mac, which is specific to the Mac, can no longer process POP3 mail.

The other issue is I suspect Outlook 365 for the Mac with a Yahoo account is not a popular combination and therefore it may not get a lot of attention. Just my opinion. Nevertheless, the Microsoft Answers thread (Redirecting) is now 8 pages long with no fix in sight.

I’m already exploring other email clients where I can port my Yahoo account to. I only have held on this long because I have local PST files but as I found out it is not a straight forward process to retrieve them in a PST format from a Mac system.

I’m 80 years old and surly don’t need this aggravation. I’ll go take my meds now.
Sorry your message was trapped in my apparently overly aggressive spam filters. :( (and I was out of the office for a funeral and did not check the forum)

I heard back from Microsoft - they say the problem is with the legacy Outlook and Yahoo and the solution is to use the new Outlook. Because it apparently only affects the legacy version, I'm not sure if it will be fixed - it really depends on what it is.
Thanks Diane - no problemo. This will not work for me or anyone else who has local PST files, Mine go back nearly 20 years and still have a lot of critical emails contained within, I need to save them but Outlook for the Mac only allows you to export local Outlook files as :OLM". More research, fun and aggravation.

If Microsoft's true intention was retire legacy Outlook the least hey could have done was warn users ahead of time and provided instructions on how to export our local files - which seems only to be an issue on Apple systems, not Windows.

Even if MS comes up with a prompt solution, I don't think I can trust them again with my data.
Outlook for mac (legacy or new) doesn't export as pst but I've heard rumors that they are looking at it. It could be years away though.

The plan is to eventually drop legacy but it will be well in the future because features needed by enterprises are still missing.
  1. Update Outlook: Ensure that you have the latest version of Outlook installed on your Mac. Software updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can address known issues.
  2. Check Yahoo account settings: Verify that your Yahoo account settings in Outlook are correctly configured. Double-check the incoming and outgoing mail server settings, username, password, and other relevant details. You can refer to Yahoo's support documentation or contact their customer support for the correct settings.
  3. Remove and re-add the Yahoo account: Sometimes, removing and re-adding the problematic Yahoo account can help resolve synchronization issues. In Outlook, go to "Preferences" or "Accounts," select your Yahoo account, and click on the "-" button to remove it. Then, add the account again by clicking on the "+" button and following the prompts.
From what I understand from users in the Microsoft forums is that the most recent update to Outlook fixes this issue.

Checking account settings and removing the yahoo account then adding it back will not fix it - it is a bug in how Outlook and yahoo get along.
  1. Remove and re-add the Yahoo account: Sometimes, removing and re-adding the problematic Yahoo account can help resolve synchronization issues. In Outlook, go to "Preferences" or "Accounts," select your Yahoo account, and click on the "-" button to remove it. Then, add the account again by clicking on the "+" button and following the prompts.
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