Can not create folder to store specific emails in in Outlook for Mac


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Outlook 2016 for Mac
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I am just trying to create a new folder that I can use a rule with to move mail from a specific person into that folder.

I'm not sure what you mean by gmail folder, although I do have "labels" in my gmail, that I can use a filter with to apply a label to specific people, and when I click on that label, I see the email from that person, but I do not think that is a folder.

I am not trying to create a folder for my Office365 account either. I am trying to create a folder in my dekstop outlook so that emails from a person will go into that folder and the folder will exist on my hard drive. So on my hard drive I will have Outlook folders for all of the people who I want to put in folders.

I really do not know what you mean by a gmail folder or a 365 folder.