Can Exchange Admin Center create a pst for users email/contacts/calendar?


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Outlook 2019 64-bit
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Office 365 Exchange
First of all I'm not an IT person, just the guy at my office that gets to assist in such things so please forgive me if this is a basic question. We are moving from current provider & a hosted exchange 2013 account to office 365 - after changing DNS and moving to OFFICE 365 one of our users .pst backups didn't contain calendar or contacts when restored - ugh - not sure what happended there. FWIW we are able to login to the old account via OWA however that's not able to export contacts or calendar. Tech support at previous provider says they can only extract the emails for me. I want to know, is it possible for someone that knows what they're doing to extract the contacts and calendar info from a specific user account on an exchange 2013 server using the exchange admin center? thanks in advance!