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Is there any way to delete and create or otherwise reset to start fresh with a clean Exchange mailbox on I tried looking through the and associated MS Account settings and help docs but couldn't find anything obvious. I also couldn't find a way to remove from a MS Account the way Google lets you remove Gmail/email from a Google account. Although in that case I don't know if one can then easily/quickly add Gmail/email back or if there is some sort of blackout period on the email address which would defeat what I want to do - The thinking being the Exchange mailbox would be removed and then freshly created when is added back.

Of course this can be done on Exchange Server by simply disconnecting, deleting, and finally creating a new mailbox. It looks like on Azure this can similarly be done by removing the Exchange Online license from the account, at least from what I've read as I don't use Azure. I'd expect there to be some analog to with plain MS accounts.

If this has been answered elsewhere I apologize, but various searches have yielded nothing but people talking about clearing local application caches or resetting passwords. The mixing of "personal" grade with Exchange makes for a tough time finding relevant material.
You can remove an address from a Microsoft account as long as you add a different alias to the account - but getting the address back is a crap shoot. If its a Hotmail address, its gone for good. You might be able to add a deleted address back after 30 days or 5 yrs or never...

While commercial mailboxes can be deleted and recreated, no such option exists with Sorry.
That's what I was afraid of. Beside someone just wanting to clear all items in a mailbox, which I know can be initiated with a find all and delete, albeit slowly processing, how would one go about handling possible mailbox corruption or otherwise bad data that might still linger in the mailbox on Is there a way to make a specific, concise support request to the people at so that they will reset the mailbox? I wouldn't want to have them attempt to repair or otherwise fix the mailbox, just delete and create a new, empty mailbox as if the account had just been created. Unfortunately, in the past I've found support to be less than stellar when it comes to understanding the Exchange piece that underpins their entire product. I can imagine all sorts of twists and turns, ultimately ending in a car crash, just trying to get them to understand the request, let alone actually being able to do it.
Is there a way to make a specific, concise support request to the people at so that they will reset the mailbox?

If you know what you're doing, you can clear out hidden data using mfcmapi (after deleting all of the mail, contacts, and calendar). The main concern would be deleting too much that the server can't rebuild it.

But... it shouldn't be necessary. Corruption in the mailbox should be rare.
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