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Hello. I found most of this attached VB code at Mark as read on delete in Outlook?. It was posted by x3ja/Alex (not sure how to give proper attribution here). The comments and the Elseif code are mine. I attached the whole thing to a button on the ribbon. It's purpose is to make deleting emails easier, using a single button instead of 2 moves of the mouse to mark read and delete an email.

Now, this worked just fine with WIN 7 Home 64-bit and Office 2010 32-bit. I have just moved to a new machine with WIN 10 Home 64-bit with the same Office 2010 32-bit.
The macro "works" with a slight difference. For each intended email, 2 iterations of the macro is needed. Tracing it I find that the 2 .Delete methods are NOT effective even though the trace shows the lines executed. For either email object type 2 passes of the entire macro are needed to cause the deletion.
Obviously my question is HUH? What is going on here. All help is appreciated. Sorry, NEVER MIND!!
Well before I sent this I decided to uninstall SPAMBAYES which is open source spam filter software I like. So I uninstalled it and the macro is just fine - only 1 interation to see the intended email go bye-bye. Curious, SPAMBAYES didn't interfere on the Win 7 machine.
So this is a non-problem now. I you want to use the code, feel free.


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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Hi Diane. Until you wrote your note to me I didn't know anything about conversation view. So I found it, realized I didn't use it before, then checked the little radio button, then unchecked it to remain as I was before, then closed Outlook. So the odd macro behavior "seems" to be unrelated to conversation view. A few hours later I reinstalled Spambayes. Since then all is working as desired. I can get back to you in a few days with a status, if you like.

Diane Poremsky

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Thanks for the update. It's possible that all you needed to do was reinstall spambayes. It's not the first time that reinstalling fixed an integration problem.
Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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OOPs, I promised a final update but haven't done it. Everything with SpamBayes and Win 10 (64 bit) and Outlook 2010 (32 bit) is perfect. Is there a need to close this ticket?
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