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Hello. I found most of this attached VB code at Mark as read on delete in Outlook?. It was posted by x3ja/Alex (not sure how to give proper attribution here). The comments and the Elseif code are mine. I attached the whole thing to a button on the ribbon. It's purpose is to make deleting emails easier, using a single button instead of 2 moves of the mouse to mark read and delete an email.

Now, this worked just fine with WIN 7 Home 64-bit and Office 2010 32-bit. I have just moved to a new machine with WIN 10 Home 64-bit with the same Office 2010 32-bit.
The macro "works" with a slight difference. For each intended email, 2 iterations of the macro is needed. Tracing it I find that the 2 .Delete methods are NOT effective even though the trace shows the lines executed. For either email object type 2 passes of the entire macro are needed to cause the deletion.
Obviously my question is HUH? What is going on here. All help is appreciated. Sorry, NEVER MIND!!
Well before I sent this I decided to uninstall SPAMBAYES which is open source spam filter software I like. So I uninstalled it and the macro is just fine - only 1 interation to see the intended email go bye-bye. Curious, SPAMBAYES didn't interfere on the Win 7 machine.
So this is a non-problem now. I you want to use the code, feel free.


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Thanks for the information. It's definitely weird that spambayes (or any addin) is causing problems.

I was going to ask if you use conversation view and if you turned that off, did it work with one click.
Hi Diane. Until you wrote your note to me I didn't know anything about conversation view. So I found it, realized I didn't use it before, then checked the little radio button, then unchecked it to remain as I was before, then closed Outlook. So the odd macro behavior "seems" to be unrelated to conversation view. A few hours later I reinstalled Spambayes. Since then all is working as desired. I can get back to you in a few days with a status, if you like.
Thanks for the update. It's possible that all you needed to do was reinstall spambayes. It's not the first time that reinstalling fixed an integration problem.
OOPs, I promised a final update but haven't done it. Everything with SpamBayes and Win 10 (64 bit) and Outlook 2010 (32 bit) is perfect. Is there a need to close this ticket?
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