How do I mark emails already received as read when I get a second, different email based on subject?

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How do I mark emails already received as read when I get a second, different email based on subject which is different but similar?

So lets say I get an email with the subject:
[zenoss] **

A minute later I get an email with the subject:
[zenoss] CLEAR: **

Can someone help me figure out how fix my code below? Or fix my operator error... I've never made outlook macros so I might be failing at something obvious:

Const PST1_NAME = "test"
Const PST2_NAME = "test2"
Const FOLDER1_NAME = "Alerts - Zenoss"
Const FOLDER2_NAME = "Alerts - Zenoss - CLEAR"

' sample with hardcoded psts & folders
Private Sub markDuplicateEmails()
End Sub

' actual method which takes dynamic pst\folder source and destination
Public Sub markDuplicates(source, destination, category)
Dim myOlApp, myNameSpace
Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set myNameSpace = myOlApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")

Dim tmpArray, pst1Name, pst2Name, folder1Name, folder2Name
tmpArray = Split(source, SEPERATOR)
pst1Name = tmpArray(0)
folder1Name = tmpArray(1)
tmpArray = Split(destination, SEPERATOR)
pst2Name = tmpArray(0)
folder2Name = tmpArray(1)

Dim folder1Size, folder2Size
folder1Size = myNameSpace.Folders(pst1Name).Folders(folder1Name).Items.Count
folder2Size = myNameSpace.Folders(pst2Name).Folders(folder2Name).Items.Count

Dim array1(), array2()
ReDim array1(folder1Size)
ReDim array2(folder2Size)

Dim outlookItem1, outlookItem2, i, j
Dim theCstmData

'populate array1
i = -1
For Each outlookItem1 In myNameSpace.Folders(pst1Name).Folders(folder1Name).Items
i = i + 1
Set theCstmData.item = outlookItem1
theCstmData.Subject = outlookItem1.Subject(8, Subject.Length - 30)
array1(i) = theCstmData
Next outlookItem1

' populate array2
i = -1
For Each outlookItem2 In myNameSpace.Folders(pst2Name).Folders(folder2Name).Items
i = i + 1
Set theCstmData.item = outlookItem2
theCstmData.Subject = outlookItem2.Subject(15, Subject.Length - 30)
array2(i) = theCstmData
Next outlookItem2

'loop through each item in array1
For i = 0 To folder1Size - 1
'loop through each item in array 2 comparing each array2Item with current array1item
For j = 0 To folder2Size - 1
' if it is a match mark the item in array2 as duplicate
If array2(i).Subject = array1(i).Subject Then
If array1(i).item.UnRead = True Then
array1(i).item.UnRead = False
array1(i).item.UnRead = array2(j).item.UnRead & CATEGORY_SEPERATOR
End If

If array2(j).item.UnRead = True Then
array2(j).item.UnRead = False
array2(j).item.UnRead = array2(j).item.UnRead & CATEGORY_SEPERATOR
End If
array2(j).item.UnRead = False
End If
Next j
Next i
End Sub
I can't say whether or not the logic works. However, if it is expected to run as VBA, then the syntax as far as we can see it isn't ok. This is hard to say as all the variables are declared as Variants instead of the really used types.

Dim theCstmData
The above dims a variable as Variant, which has no properties itself. As the variable isn't set to an object, this must fail because the item property doesn't exist:
Set theCstmData.item = outlookItem1
You'd need to add a class module to the VBA project, and add all the properties to it that are used in the code.

Also, the Outlook item, which is referenced in the for each loops, has a Subject property, which is a string that doesn't take any paramters. So
outlookItem1.Subject(8, Subject.Length - 30)
must fail.

No matter which programing language is used, this one certainly makes no sense at all:
array1(i).item.UnRead = array2(j).item.UnRead & CATEGORY_SEPERATOR
Joining True/False, or -1/0 respectively, with a string results in a string, and writing anything but "0" to a boolsche variable (Unread) will always result in True.

I'd say, contact your operator and have him fix the code, or get your money back.
heh there was no money. I tried to break someones free code down from online and format it to what I need. But I'm as you can see, not a programmer, so I tried to convert data that is a string and I apparently deleted references accidentally as well, I'll look into those to see what I deleted and see if I can patch it together
I use this - - it's used in a run a script rule.

Do you need to watch a lot of folders? Looping through all folders looking for a match can be time consuming, especially if you have a lot of folders. If you're doing this with each new message, it's likely some will be skipped.

As long as all older messages with [zenoss] in the subject are to be marked read, you can use either instr or left to lool for a match.
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