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At our Service Desk we have a mailbox that everyone has added to his personal Outlook, so we can all read and answer incoming emails on behalve of the Service Desk. I'd like all items that have been recieved more than an hour ago (or another period of time) to be marked. I think it should be possible using Automatic formatting, but so far I did not succeed. I only managed to mark emails that were received "yesterday". Does anyone know how to do this? If VBA is the only option that's OK for me.

We use Outlook 2007, Exchange 2010.

Thanks in advance for you help.


The hard part is the timer - Outlook doesn't have one. Because you need to use windows services for the timer, it's better to use a com addin. VBA that you run manually could be used to mark the messages, although I don't have the code.

views are out because they are by day, not hour (unfortunately), although I am able to use custom formatting to highlight mails received between 2 pm and 1 month ago - but I had to use the time spelled out, using ' 1 hour ago' did not work. Because of this, its not efficient to use because you would need to adjust the time. if you wanted to hide or color mail received before noon every day, 'received between 12 PM and 6 months ago' would work. (choose enough months to hide old messages)

there is at least one outlook addin that can act on old mail after a period of time - auto-mate. Its client side so the mailbox needs to be open in a profile for it to work though.
BTW, for the end date you can use a real date, like 1/1/2005
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