Mark all as read for public folders

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In previous versions of Outlook, we use to be able to Mark all as Read for Public Folders that contain a calendar or contacts or tasks. Now, with Outlook 2010 the Mark all as Read is no longer available.

Any recommendations?

Thanks much,

Hmmm. Something is wrong. I have the command on the right click menu.


What version of Exchange? Windows?
Thank you for the reply Diane!

I have Windows XP and Exchange 2003 -> going to Exchange 2008 in a month or so.

Your screenshot was helpful, but I couldn't tell...we're you right clicking a Contact or Calendar? I do get Mark all as Read when I right click a Folder or Emails, but not with Calendar, Contacts or Tasks. I had this problem going back to 2010 Technical Review with both my work PC and my home PC.


It looks like I'm r-clicking on a mail/post folder.

I'll see what i can find out.

ETA: Ctrl+Q to mark read doesn't work either, only opening the item.
Do you have the Mark as Read command on any non-Mail folder in your mailbox? I don't.
No, I do not. The Mark as Read command does not light up on any non-Mail folder in my mailbox.

While this really bothered me, I didnt think it would be a big deal for others, but, we are starting to deploy Office 2010 to our users and they are now complaining. The really irritating part is that I do not know when a new item is added I do not know what is new.

I have posted this question with MS back in technical review days, but never got an answer. I have Google'd and the only fix I have found is a homegrown macro that someone posted, but have not tried.

It's weird because my contact with the outlook program group is telling me they have the command for all folder types. Something is getting lost in translation. <g>
Hmmm....I guess 'technically speaking' the command does exist for all folder just doesn't light up or work for allll folder types. ;-)

Are you on Exchange 2003 or 2010? We are on 2003, do you think it would make a difference with 2010? I checked different setting for Cached Mode and synchronize but did not find anything.
I have Exchange 2007 and 2010. Same effect in a POP3 pst. Mark read features are broken.
My contacts repro'd it and are filing a bug. I have no idea if or when it will be fixed though - I might know in a few weeks, once they determine why it broke between versions. If your company has free support incidents, you should open an incident too.
A few way to work around this bug. Click on the respective folder in the Folder list within Outlook.

Option 1:

On the right "Select All" components (Ctrl A)

*note* - Edit > "Select All is missing too

The press Ctrl Q which should mark all the "selected" components as Read.

Option 2: (Customize the Ribbon)

File > Options > Customize Ribbon

Change "Popular Commands" (dropdown menu) > "All Commands"

Scroll to and highlight "Mark All as Read" in the left pane

Select (highlight) the tab in the right pane you want the option too.

*note* - you can not add to an existing group.

Create a "New Group" (name it whatever you want, i.e. - Custom)

Select/highlight your new group and click "Add".

You should now see "Mark All as Read" under your new custom tab.

Repeat as desired for each "Home" tab, i.e. - Calendar, Contacts, etc.
This doesn't work for Calendar (which needs to be in list view) or Contacts. It works for tasks.
To be clear, Ctrl+A / Ctrl+Q did work for me in the Contacts folder, but adding "Mark All As Read" did not.

Delving more into the "meaning" of this, I don't even know why exactly one of my Contacts sub-folders (yes, I have folders in my Contacts) was marked as all "Unread", while all the other sub-folders have no "unread" contacts at all. I don't really think of the "read" flag as being applicable to contacts. Perhaps the Outlook developers removed the "Mark ... as Read" feature from the menus with forethought, but neglected to remove the feature from the views and items (classes and objects) themselves. Microsoft is certainly willing to remove features that are working fine if they don't think "enough" users rely on them.

I'd be interested in hearing how people reading this thread might consider the "read" flag to be usefully applied to Contacts.
Read/unread for contacts usually means a new contact - one someone else added - and the unread state alerts you so you know to look for the newly added contact.
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