Separate Read Layout Editing


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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Hi all,

I have a custom email form with form controls, i.e. check boxes, text boxes, option buttons and a date picker (DTPicker). I was having trouble viewing what the user was entering into the compose page (i.e. the form controls were not present when I viewed it in my outlook inbox). I found out I had to double click on the custom email after it showed up in my inbox to view the form in a separate window. Through this I was able to figure out why the separate read layout existed. Now I have another problem that I need help with.

I want the receiver to of the custom email form to be able to see what the composer input into the form, i.e. which check boxes and option buttons were clicked, what was in the text boxes, etc. What I am getting after I double click on the email is a separate WINDOW that shows the format of the custom form but not the inputs. In fact, as the receiver, I can edit the now empty text boxes, option buttons, and check boxes. The editing feature is cool but I cannot see what the composer/user had input in the beginning!

Does anyone know how to make it so that I can see what the user input is after they've sent and after I've double clicked on it in my inbox?

I do not have the separate read layout ticked.

Is there a way to locked the controls after the message is sent?

Thank you