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Hi all first post here, just wondering about an issue I'm having with Outlook 2016 When I go into dev mode and try and tick the "Separate Read Layout" option it shrinks the page up on the screen?

Can't find an answer to the problem anywhere so if anyone can shine some light on this would be great. I'm in the process of making an OFT file and need this option to work so I can create labels, text and combo boxes.


i couldn't repro in a quickie test on my desktop. Are you using a hi-res computer? i've seen similar behavior in other areas of Outlook on my 4K laptop (but have not customized forms on it) I'll test it on the laptop.
Thanks Diane for the reply, I might just have to finish the project at work I think as it doesn't happen on the work pc ... probably as you say maybe a resolution issue. My system at home is not overly flash but running at 1920x1080 screen resolution.
That's not a bad screen resolution and it should work fine on it. But it's not the resolution, i think its just outlook being goofy and i have a workaround.

I misread the post this morning - i thought it happened when you use separate read layout and switched between editing read and compose. Tonight I'm on my hi-res laptop and decided to test it here too and realized i read your post wrong.

I unticked separate read layout and have the smaller window too. I have the form maximized and when i clicked the Restore button, the form corrected itself. When i ticked separate layout, the form size goofed up again, but clicking the restore/maximize button fixed it. In additional tests, just dragging the edge to resize fixed it.
Many thanks Diane I'll give that a go today, appreciate your assistance with this. Will let you know how I go.
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