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Thank you very much for reading this & assisting.

I currently receive all my web leads from my website into Outlook 2007. The screen shot of the email is below. Please bare with me... I am severely computer challenged. I have been up all night and am still lost. I really appreciate all help.

I wanted to find out how to extract the data from those emails and convert them into a excel spreadsheet. How do I get exact fields?

First Name

Last Name


Phone Number





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Start with Copy messages to an excel worksheet or extract data from email - both use the same method but include different examples.

Your pattern:

First name -- Bill

Last name -- Smith

email -- alias@domain.com

phone -- 2025551212

Age -- 33

Sex -- Male


Because the pattern is the same, with -- separating the values, i'd use the first example and 1 pattern and set global to true so it will pick up every -- line.
Dim vText, vText2, vText3, vText4, vText5, vText6, vText7 As Variant

With Reg1
.Pattern = "(--\s(.*)\s*)\n"
.Global = True

End With

For Each M In M1
vText = Trim(M.SubMatches(1))
vText2 = Trim(M.SubMatches(2))
vText3 = Trim(M.SubMatches(3))
vText4 = Trim(M.SubMatches(4))
vText5 = Trim(M.SubMatches(5))
vText6 = Trim(M.SubMatches(6))
vText7 = Trim(M.SubMatches(7))

xlSheet.Range("B" & rCount) = vText
xlSheet.Range("c" & rCount) = vText2
xlSheet.Range("d" & rCount) = vText3
xlSheet.Range("e" & rCount) = vText4
xlSheet.Range("f" & rCount) = vText5
xlSheet.Range("f" & rCount) = vText6
xlSheet.Range("f" & rCount) = vText7

(I'm going to delete your screenshot because of the personal information in it. )


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Thank you for replying, I apologize but when I stated earlier I was computer challenged... I was serious.

Would you mind simplifying what you said... or a set of directions. I don't even know where, what, or how to do this

Thank you:rolleyes:

Gemmma Needham

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Hi, I'm trying to use this method to extract similar data from an email. I've got as far as writing the code, but I need to use a : as the identifier. There's 4 lines of data I need to extract, but this only seems to be pulling the last line.

Can you advise?

Thanks, Gemma
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