"Can't store Outlook data files under the AppData folder. Please choose another folder."

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I had been using a Windows 7 desktop with Outlook 2010 and recently retired that desktop for a new Windows 10 Pro (Version 1809) with Outlook 2019.

Kudos to this website---the effort was seamless. Up and running with old pst file no problems--EXCEPT---

I have old archived pst files stored on my NAS. I was previously always able to access them with the "Open Outlook Data File" command on the File Menu.

Now under the new Outlook 2019--I am getting the above captioned message: "Can't store Outlook data files under the AppData folder. Please choose another folder".

The only choice in that dialogue box is "Okay". When clicking it---you simple return to Outlook without any action or further choices.

They are simply stored on a separate share on the NAS---certainly NOT under any AppData folder??

Is this an Outlook 2019 issue or is this a Windows 10 issue?

Thanks again for this website and forum which has provided MANY solutions for so long I can't remember!
Update to my post---if I move one of the archived PST files from my NAS to the same C: drive on the desktop--it opens!

LOL----Worked fine in Outlook 2010---just curious if you know--what version did they make the change?

I have one PST file for each year going back to 2001. I keep two years plus on the current PST and then archive the oldest year every year and have a 'collection' back to 2003 :) I only occasionally have to go back for something but when I do--it's there, organized, quick and has NEVER been corrupted or unopenable. LOL

The new desktop has an SSD with obviously less space than my NAS--- and I was hoping not to load it up with archived PST's---but se la gare! LOL

I didn't use 2013 or 2016, so I can't compare, but compared to 2010, I am enjoying the features that I'm discovering on 2019.

Thank you for your prompt reply--though I wish it were different! :)
The block is new in this version. As for it not causing corruption, you were lucky and outlook was able to repair the corruption as it happened. The big risk is if the connection is dropped while it is open or the write-back speed to slow. I lost more than one.

The new desktop has an SSD with obviously less space than my NAS--- and I was hoping not to load it up with archived PST's---but se la gare! LOL
If you dont need them often, i'd copy them over when needed, then delete.

Is the NAS hooked to the network or directly to the computer? it might work using an external drive connected to the computer rather than a network drive.
The NAS is part of my network. Because I am most likely to open the most recently archived PST, my solution is going to be to copy that one over to the SSD and leave the others where they are--and as you say, copy them when needed. Not the most elegant---but it will work without too much more fussing. :) Yes, I guess I have been lucky, but I think part of that is good organizational skills---each year after I have archived the old Read and Sent messages---I then immediately compact the current PST---and the archived ones are typically about 3 GIGS--less in the early years. I actually have others dating back into the 90's but they are not as neatly organized because I haven't needed them. I'm sure that's more than you or the readers want to know---but I've been using Outlook with very little "bad luck" a LONG time and a lot of that is due to tuning in here for a long time. So thanks again! :) P. S. My contacts are so old that I had to create a category for "Dec'd" and "Retired" :)
With the exception of the ones i lost (because of network issues) that were so corrupted they could not be recovered, i haven't had a lot of problems (besides needing scanpst more often) - the bigger problem is that it works until it doesn't and if you don't have backups you are SOL.
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