Need solution to Outlook mail handling/syncing/mobile situation, please

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account

My brain is completely freezing over trying to work out how to best handle the below situation, but first what I currently use:

Outlook 2010 (32-bit)

Android Smartphone (4.2)

Android Tablet (4.2)


  • Read/Reply to email on PC or either Android devices
  • File email (mostly replies & forwards, but sometimes originals) in specific PC based "other" PST folders - to avoid default PST getting too unwieldy
  • Not have mountains of mail sitting in a web-based app - could live with, say, one year's worth though but would want to be able to easily "remove" it entirely from the email system (as a whole) when required

Currently I use Outlook 2010 with TechHit's SimplyFile which files messages as I send them (or one-click files to the relevant folder) and, using TechHit's MessageSave, I "archive" off anything older than six months (considering extending to 12 months) messages to the relevant PC "matching" folder so I have, for example, everything to so with AVG Antivirus program, be it software downloads, PDF receipts or email messages in the one PC based folder called ...ITStuff\AVG. The upside of this is I can access the PC via remote access if I need to get anything to do with a specific "thing" (like "AVG"), and everything is really simple to back up. The other upside is that I don't have to wade through mountains of mail in one general folder (say the Sent Items folder) to manually file it at any point, this is done as I go along.

I've been doing this for years now very successfully but just can't get my head around how to incorporate "mobile" access to messages into this scenario. I understand that products like the (excellent) TechHit items I use won't work on the Android or any web-based email services, so it may be that I will have to manually file some stuff (like the Android based responses etc).

I have (briefly) tried IMAP settings, but found that deletions and moves worked really badly - although I could have been doing it wrong.

I'm also thinking about upgrading to Office365 (and, therefore, Office 2013 on the PC) so maybe that might help??

Anyway, if some brave person can have a go at suggesting a solution, I would be eternally grateful.

Oh, and yes, I do want to be able to synchronise my calendar & contacts, but that's a whole other issue!

Upgrading really won't help in this situation, so while Outlook 2013 is really nice IMHO, don't upgrade because you think it will solve this problem. :)

The only solution I see offhand is to manually file everything. I'm not familiar enough with quick file to know if it can be configured to automatically filter the droid responses.

As for syncing calendar and contacts, (Hotmail) and Office 365 hosted Exchange can sync over the air with droids. Otherwise, you need to use a utility. Office 365 hosted exchange will give you great sync capabilities for as little as $4/month - it might solve your file problem since everything is online - and its 100x better than imap. You should be able to file mail on the droid automatically.
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