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Outlook 2013 Need VBA code to automatically save message outside outlook and add date

Discussion in 'Outlook VBA and Custom Forms' started by Carp717, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Carp717


    New Member

    I am not very familiar with VBA but was trying to find a "simple" way to automatically perform the following:

    I want any message that I receive, that was sent to a specified group from the address book, to save to a shared folder (that I have access to); and add the date before the subject title/file name.

    I know how to set up a rule to move these emails to a folder in my Outlook, but don't see any rules which can save outside outlook. Also, I saw the option to "run a script" in the rules section and was thinking this is where the macro comes into play.

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    You'll need to use run a script - it's generally easier to use the rule for the conditions then pass it off to the script to process. See Save all incoming messages to the hard drive - this script should be pretty close to what you need.

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