1. H

    Search Email Header for Content Type

    Hello All, m facing a huge challenge with RTF Emails and need to find a way to find alle RTF mails inside a mailbox. As a little background: We are using a transparent encryption with Exchange Online. Anything leaving our Office will be encrypted. Microsoft therefore cant read any of our...
  2. Peter H Williams

    Enable script containing VBA

  3. E

    Search for folder by key in subject then move new message to related folder

    I need to move the incoming message to the related folder if there is a loop for that depending on a key in the subject of the message. I developed a script for getting the key in the subject of new message. How can I search rest of messages by a key and retrieve related folder? Sub...
  4. C

    Need VBA code to automatically save message outside outlook and add date

    Hello, I am not very familiar with VBA but was trying to find a "simple" way to automatically perform the following: I want any message that I receive, that was sent to a specified group from the address book, to save to a shared folder (that I have access to); and add the date before the...
  5. P

    Log of Rules that ran

    I'd like to create a log of rules that have run. I have 30 rules that each move new mail items to different folders by subject. I'd like to view the log to quickly verify certain emails have been received. I can then go to the appropriate folder to find the specific emails, but the GUI is slow...