No scrolling in note field of contact record

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Hopefully this has not been addressed in another thread. (I searched for it but could not find a similar thread).

Using Outlook 2013 on Win 8.1 computer.

When I open a Contact record and the "Notes" field has more than a few lines of text in it, I cannot scroll all the way to the bottom of that note field using the scroll bar or by using the down-arrow key within the text. That means I cannot access text below the point where the scroll bar no longer functions. To see information there, I must "control A" and "control C" to copy the full text of the note field into the computer buffer, then "control V" (paste) into Notepad in order to see all of the previously in-viewable text.

This is VERY frustrating. I didn't have this issue on my old Win7 laptop running Outlook 2010.

Suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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That's related to your other problem - no scroll bars on the form itself. Try adding, oh, 10 returns or so at the end of the note. It should scroll enough for you to see the full note. (Too bad it won't help the address field. :))
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