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HI all. I would appreciate any help with this issue.

I have a dropdown field called [transfer]. It is a text field and has drop down options.
I need to check if the field is left blank. If left blank, it should pop up a custom error message such as "Invalid Entry"
If the field is populated with one of the drop down options then the form can be sent.

I have tried the following methods.
  1. [transfer] =""
  2. [transfer] =" "
  3. Len([transfer] )=0
  4. Len([transfer] )<1
Result: Form is sent even when transfer field is not populated
  1. I have also tried the following methods
  2. IsEmpty([transfer ])
  3. Len("transfer" )<1
  4. "\[transfer\] """
  5. IIf( [transfer]="","Invalid Entry","")

    Result: The error is displayed whether the field is populated or left blank. Basically I cannot send the form as the error message blocks it.
Ordinarily I would check for empty fields by checking the checkbox: "A value is required for this field"
But I can't do so here because a custom error message is required and also this formula will be used as part of a compound formula.
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