Mysterious random appearance of empty unsent email

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This happens occasionally, more so over the last couple of days.

An empty, unsent email will appear on screen, with To: field filled in with someone I sent an email to earlier, but not immediately before. Could be 1/2 hour ago. No subject or text. Happens randomly.

As if an email that I address, copies itself before I enter subject or text, stores itself somewhere, and then reappears on screen later. I just noticed an email in draft folder, which is addressed to someone I emailed earlier. Sometimes they just pop up on screen. or I find them under other windows.

Very weird.

Has anyone else ever seen this?
weird indeed. and very sporadic. no macros that I am aware of. If it is something that I am doing, sporadically, I don't know know what it could be.

I guess no one here has experienced this.
I don't know what it could be either and when it's sporadic, it's hard to investigate. I'll keep my ears open and see if others report similar issues.
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