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Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Outlook 2010 is autoforwarding email messages but there is no corresponding rule under 'Manage Rules and Alerts' which requests that it does.

In sent items I can see a little 'i' information icon which then says "This message was Autoforwarded".

I wonder whether 'conversations' may be the culprit, but I cannot find any way of discovering where, how or why these messages get autoforwarded.

Anybody come across this type of gremlin?
Thanks for your interest and support; I thought I read somewhere that Conversations could autoforward, but I guess I imagined that.

Somehow last summer I initiated a forwarding request to copy members of my family with news I received regarding the election from a number of different PACs. I don't remember how I did it but can only assume that I set up a rule, as I understand how they work. Now that the election is over I no longer want to keep bombarding my family with these emails which now really interest only me. But there is no rule!!

Does Outlook have any other mechanism to Autoforward?
In a pop3 account there is one way to autoforward: rules. Well, 2 - a VBA macro.

Rules are stored in the pst file if you use a POP3 account. The rule should be listed in the Rules wizard when you are in the account's inbox but if not, try closing Outlook then restarting with the /cleanrules switch.

Press windows key + R and type the following in the box then press Enter

outlook.exe /cleanrules

and see if that fixes the problem.
Thanks. Have done that. All my rules are gone. And hopefully the phantom rules as well! Will post once I have checked outgoings over the next day or so.
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