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We have some code that checks a particular mailbox for emails that were undeliverable. The code works fine and there are no issues.

The problem however is now that some people have the same mailbox 'name' listed twice in Outlook. The mailboxes are different and have different aliases, however when you view them in Outlook they have the same name. This poses a problem when we search for emails that were undeliverable because we use this code to navigate to the mailbox/folder we want:

Set olns = ol.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set cf = olns.Folders("MailboxName").Folders("Inbox")

So if the user has two mailboxes listed, the code will only use the first mailbox in the list, which may not be the correct one.

Is there another check we can do to make sure they're using the 'correct' mailbox/folder. Eg, somehow check for the alias?

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