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Hi everyone,
In the Business Contact Manger 2007 and 2010 we have installed, still the same problem appears. After we create a project, join emails from Outlook’s mailbox to the record, then open the project as Contacts History view and try to modify it by adding some additional fields from existing list (for example ” FROM “ or “TO” from MAIL FIELDS) we get them empty in the most cases. It looks like the information was not transferred to the data base at all, or the appropriate fields are not defined in the data base structure . It seems to be a general problem concerning a data exchange between Outlook, BCM interface and SQL everywhere the customizing of predefined tables is possible.
The next problem is, a preview window for emails in the Contact History does not open although the option is activated
Both – Outlook and BCM was installed on the totally fresh installation of Windows 7 Pro 32-bit before some other programs were put on the computer and no messages about errors or conflicts were displayed during or after installation. All components required such as SQL Server and NET.Framework are listed in the Windows Control Panel and BCM starts and is displayed ok.
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