MAPI, User Defined Fields and perspective after 20 years


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I have a bit strategic Question. I have been working with User Customized forms over 20 years now.
I was charmed by the work with synchronized data via Exchange and keep various Personal-type semi structural data in Outlook.

It started with Outlook 98. Remember ? Easy, streamline interface. No obscurities and bullsh*.

I still dedicate quite a huge time to some (personal type) application now. The app maintains vocabulary in TaskItems and shoots it to me to teach me some languages/phrases/words. It remembers the answers in the Items and of course it can use Exchange to update Successful and Unsuccessful trials so that the vocabulary learns with me gradually wherever I am. It is typical situation where this kind of "database" finds use.

But there is the philosophical question:

Aren't we "building wooden shack from pre-historic time" with enormous energy while there is a machinery nowadays like buldozers, new materials... etc....
I mean, is not MAPI interface something that was obsolete way way way behind us ??

It is not a philosophical question only. It has one strong practical subquestion: Can I reach User Defined Field e.g. at my Android phone ?

I use for Example Nine app that is able to sync Mails, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, even subfolders.

But why the HELL it cannot sync User Defined Fields. They are still synced in Outlook 2019.

Is Microsoft the only one that was able to program it and I guess we all are in bad luck since after 20 years noone can expect Microsoft will add UserDefined Fields to ActiveSync protocol (? is this actually the protocol that needs to be updated for UserDefined Fields appear at Android?)

I mean, I was trying to use RDO Redemption from Mr. Streblechenko. He is half-god regardin Outlook. I always ask to myseflf whether He, or Dianne Poremsky were originally the team who created Outlook 97, 98?? Am I right? Since I read from them since long long time old posts in various forums.

Thus I think if anyone is able to answer me these long-term strategic questions, noone else than these two people :)

Because I know what pain in the as* it was to make e.g. MAPItable filtering work and I e.g. learned how bad bad it is when you want to remove UserDefined Field in 6000 items using Outlook Model, I am now asking whether it has sense to deal with MAPI or better forget it as obsolete one and forever technology.

I have also noticed that noone touched Filter-Advanced Filter -DASL filter, luckily, but at the same time developped some new inconsistent fuzzy filtering mechanisms.
I have also noticed that Views were hidden to Ribbon in a sabotage-way so that noone is able to read their names.
Looks like team of new Outlook programmers even have no clue what these are good for.
I also noticed how {Manage forms} was cleaned up to funny place [Advanced Settings--behind--behind---almost at the end], again, as if new Programmers have absolutely no clue what these are for, because they removed this interface from Folder, where it belonged to. It all seems like "lets paint a new facade and re-sell the old stuff with new version".

Anything at this subject is very welcome.

Have a nice day