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I am trying without success to import an Excel CSV list of club members, I have succeeded except for the address fields. I had listed them in separate columns as:
ALAN SMITH,ASMITH@ANYONE.COM01234 56785607777 7777771. The HouseRigmore StSomewhereNearer ab1 2cd
That did not work on the address so merged the address columns into one column and pasted the result into a new column named Home Address as a Value. But that did not work either. There are 91 members to add to MY CLUB Contacts folder and I'd rather do the job as a batch not individually!
Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Diane Poremsky

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Did you merge the columns as Street, City, Postal code - these are the specific field names outlook uses:

Home StreetHome Street 2Home Street 3Home CityHome StateHome Postal CodeHome Country/Region

Also, click on Map Custom fields then check the mapping. If you use Outlook's field names, it will match them automatically but if not, you need to map the fields.



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Hi Diane.
Many thanks, now got it sorted, sort of..
I have my members in an address book but need to change the File As from last First to First First. As in Bloggs Joe to Joe Bloggs. Also need to Display as Joe Bloggs not as: Joe Bloggs (joebloggs@anywhere.com). Can this be done as a batch or do I need to do each one one at a time?


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Thank you Diane. Think I need some time to read and understand the guide, if I chicken out and have a spare evening I might do it by hand!
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