Why is OL not keeping the correct sender account?

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I like to manipulate a mail before sending. But after modifying

(subject, message, attachments), the e-mail gets allways sent using

the default account and not using the selected account (VB6 COM AddIn

using Redemption Objects):

To trace the problem I made a little routine to find out which sender

currently is selected for a given Mailobject:

Public Function GetMailSenderAccountName(ByRef Mailobject As Object)

Dim RDOSession As Redemption.RDOSession

Dim RDOMessage As Redemption.RDOMail

Mailobject.Save ' needed to get an EntryID

Set RDOSession = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")

RDOSession.MAPIOBJECT = Application.Session.MAPIOBJECT

Set RDOMessage = RDOSession.GetMessageFromID(Mailobject.EntryID)

GetMailSenderAccountName = RDOMessage.Account.Name

End Function

Using the following code, I get allways the correct account:

Set MyItem = ConnectClass.VBInstance.Session.GetItemFromID(ItemID)

Debug.Print "Before sending: " & GetMailSenderAccountName(MyItem) -

RedemptionMail.Item = MyItem ' use redemption objects here (needed?)


Debug.Print "After sending: " & GetMailSenderAccountName(MyItem) -

But the mail has been sent using the wrong account (default account).

The "smtp.correct.com" account is working great, if I do not use the

methods above. Same problem using OL2003 and OL2007.

What can I do to keep the selected account for sending?

Thank you,




I found a solution to this problem. I simply needed to set the Account

again to let Outlook do what I want. The following way helped me out:

Public Function SendUsingRDO(ByRef Mailobject As Object)

Dim RDOSession As Redemption.RDOSession

Dim RDOMessage As Redemption.RDOMail

Dim RDOAccount As Redemption.RDOAccount

' save the mail, in case it is not saved until now


Set RDOSession = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")

RDOSession.MAPIOBJECT = Application.Session.MAPIOBJECT

Set RDOMessage = RDOSession.GetMessageFromID(Mailobject.EntryID)

Set RDOAccount = RDOMessage.Account ' get account

If Not RDOAccount Is Nothing Then

' set the account again

RDOMessage.Account = RDOSession.Accounts(RDOAccount.Name)


End If


SendUsingRDO = True

End Function

At first I read the Account that is used (reading). Upon this, I set

this value again (writing). Now calling the .Send method forces

Outlook to use the account that has been set but ignored. Strange...

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