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I’m trying to manage e-mails while on a trip. The two computers have Outlook 2003. When I use a rule to forward a message (I don’t use an Exchange Server) Outlook marks the original message as Read automatically and I can’t find any way to avoid or reverse that. It becomes an issue when I return and have to act on messages that came while I was out, and if they seem Read I pass them by.

I found that if I create a rule to move a copy of the incoming e-mail (from one particular account ( to another folder (called “Hold”) I can keep the original in the un-Read state. Well, that seemed handy, but I ran into the next problem.

How do I run an automatic process on the e-mails in Hold? There doesn’t seem to be a way to target a sub-folder for an action, just the Inbox.

What I would like to do is, once the e-mail copies meeting my first rule have been placed in Hold, run an action on the those copies to forward them to another e-mail address ( and then somehow prevent that action from repeating itself on previously forwarded messages, like deleting the copy once it’s forwarded. That would forward the messages, and keep the originals Un-Read.

I only need it to work in the Hold folder: check for new messages placed in the folder, forward those messages, and delete once forwarded.

Is this possible?

I’ve been looking at the VB scripts and macros on and several have parts of what I need, but I’m so programming-challenged (read overwhelmed by it) that it all looks like a foreign language and I don’t know how to pull the various parts together.

Can you help?


Rules only run automatically on the inbox. If you are managing the mail in outlook (not in the interface) you can use vba to forward. If the only need is to forward the mail and leave it unread, a macro can do that - i might have one ready to use. That would simplify your setup.

The macro here works off a rule. Remove the lines that change the subject and save it, and if it marks mail read, you can use
Item.unread = true
before end sub

if you want to use your current setup, you can use an itemadd macro to watch the Hold folder and do something as messages arrive.
The macro here has the basics.
if Hold is under Inbox, change this line
Set olInboxItems = GetFolderPath("Mailbox name in folder list\Inbox").Items

Set olInboxItems = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders("Hold").Items
When I type in the Message area the font size is HUGE, even though it says it is only a 12 point font. When it does get received by the recipient, what I have typed in the Message area does print out in 12 point font. However, how can I make what I type in the Message area to reflect a 12 point font?
Click the Zoom icon on the right side of the toolbar - is it set above 100% ?
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