To: and Cc: not displaying when forwarding/replying to .eml files

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I am encountering some strange behavior: when opening a properly-formed .eml file in Outlook from a file, and choosing to reply to or forward the item, Outlook fails to include the To: and CC: information in the text/body of the email (e.g. the text portion of the body of the email that contains the email being replied/forwarded). This appears to users as though that information has been lost, when in fact it is present in the .eml headers (confirmed by opening it in notepad).

The information appears as expected in a reply/forward after saving the email to a folder in the mailbox.

I have observed this behavior for Outlook 2010 and 2013.

Can anyone else replicate this? Does anyone know of a fix?


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server
I'm working on converting an OE mailbox to Outlook and have some eml on my hard drive - they have the header details in the reply. I'm not sure why it's not working for you and I don't know of a fix offhand.

Hi Diane, thanks for testing this out. So when you launch one of the .emls by double-clicking it from its location on your hard drive, then click "Forward", you do see the To: and Cc: information in the body of the email, i.e. in the editable text that constitutes the body of the email, and which shows the email thread as text below where your own text would be entered? I'm sure you know what I mean but I just want to doubly confirm because I've had to explain this a couple of times to others before they've realised what I mean.


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Hi, we have several users that experience this problem. Users who have Outlook 2007 installed can see all email header fields, but users who have Outlook 2010 installed have TO and CC missing when "Reply" or "Forward" is clicked.

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Was the mail imported using Outlook's Import wizard? I know that will cause this issue - exporting from Live Mail or OE to Outlook retains the header. EML files opened from the hard drive should behave the same as imports and be missing the to/cc fields.
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