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Posting on behalf of my wife. We both use Office 365, hers has recently developed a problem with Outlook. If she sends an email to my address which includes text and/or an embedded image (i.e. pasted in from Snipping tool) it all displays properly.

If she either includes herself as an addressee, or only sends to herself, when she opens her received email, nothing at all appears below the Title line - no text, no image, no image placeholder. Nothing at all.

If she views the email in her Sent Items folder, it all appears as it should.

We have searched the net to no avail. We went through Apps and Programs and chose to modify Microsoft Office 365. Tried the 'express' repair option, it made no difference, including after a re-start. We repeated the process and chose the 'long' repair option, same result, no change (that is, except that it somehow unlinked the subscription to Office 365, and finding the original details to restore that put us through a world of pain, but we managed to fix that).

On my (different) PC, which has identical Outlook settings as far as we can see, sending text or images in an email to myself works perfectly. I realise it might be tempting to ask why do that, but that's not the issue - the issue is why is this happening and how can it be remedied?

So, any ideas? To re-cap: Text and/or images sent from Outlook email address to the SAME Outlook email address results in no text or images when received email is opened. Yet, text and images are intact if looking at the email in the sent folder.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Dianne, thanks for replying. I hope I haven't inadvertently confused things. To clarify, I was referring to emails sent using MS Outlook, as opposed to emails sent from an address.

So, in our cases, we are talking about emails sent to and from **** addresses, using Microsoft Outlook as the email client.
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