OL2010 - choosing to not save inline images

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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In OL2003 and 2010 we can choose to not automatically download linked images when we open HTML e-mail. I like it a lot as it reduces PST size.

Now in v2003 we could open an email outside of the reading pane, get the images, and then close the email item - but the images were not saved into the PST. In v2010, when we get the images the mail item seems to be updated and the images permanently stored inline. Can we change that default behavior back to the way it was?

To reproduce:

Go to Options > Trust Center > Settings.

Check "don't download..." and everything under it.

Now when you get an HTML email with images, in the header you'll see

"Click here to download images..."

Double click the email in the explorer to get an inspector, then download the images.

Now close the inspector.

In OL2003 it asked if you want to save the images but in OL2010 it doesn't anymore.

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