right click outlook objects in OL2010 acts on current inbox mailitem

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Cryptic title, I know. sorry about that.

See below my outlook today page, which I use as a dashboard for outlook 2010.


As you can see, at the top of the page I have my inbox, with some href links in table cells to the right.

The next row holds my personal tasks, with shared team tasks to the right.

The last row holds my personal calendar, with shared team calendar to the right.

I used this today page in outlook 2003 with no major problems. If I wanted to create a new appointment in a calendar, or forward a task to someone, all I had to do was right click on the item in question, and select "new appointment" or "forward". In outlook 2003, the new appt window would then appear filled with the date/time where I had right clicked, or the new mail item would open, with the task in question attached.

Now in 2010, although the right click context menu's know I'm clicking on a task object, or a calendar object, the resulting actions don't seem to act on the item in question. Instead, they act on the "current" mailtem selected in my inbox.

So right clicking a task, and saying "mark as complete" does nothing to the task. Instead, the selected mailitem in my inbox suddenly gets "maked as complete"! Calendar appointments are created, but at the current date/time only, rather than where I right clicked. More worryingly, trying to "delete" a task actually deletes the currently selected inbox mailitem (which in some instances has gone unnoticed, until I noticed that the task was still there).

I have resorted to opening each task by double clicking on it, and then performing an action on it from the task window, or creating an appointment by double-clicking on the time/date required.

Is this change in context menu behaviour intentional?

PS: While editing my today page code, I noticed that if I happened to put a tasks object first in the code (ie before the inbox) then my preview pane would show only tasks instead of emails. I changed that back without much more testing, but I guess this means that all actions would probably have acted on my current task in that case, even if I was trying to perform that action on my mailitem.


They keep tweaking the security for folder home pages and view control but I wasn't aware they messed it more than that. Ill see if I can repro it with a demo page here, but I might need a copy of your home page code to repro it.
you can probably get the calendar object code from my other post, but I can forward the full code with inbox, links and tasks objects to you tomorrow when I get back to work.

Your assistance is very much appreciated Diane
So I guess what I cut and pasted from the internet (and then fidled about a bit with) is called the "view control", and each object I have on my today page is an instance of a view control.

I'm not sure if it tells me specifically why the above is happening, but as the viewctrl has an "activefolder" property, I'm guessing that is set by default to the first instance on the page (which is why in my case, actions are always defaulting to my inbox mailitems).

It looks from that ms article like there are several commands / methods / propoerties and events which I can use to manage these viewctrl's - though at the moment I am not sure where to start.

Is this like some sort of scripting language I use in the home page HTML, or somethig I do in VBA?

Do you know of a good (basic level) reference for learning about these viewctrls; how to implement them in code etc?

many thanks

Yes, it does still apply - with the exception of some security changes, Outlook 2000/2002 articles will apply as well. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff869622.aspx for more info about the control. (I thought the article I posted yesterday also linked to some 2002/2000 articles but I don't see them today. )
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